Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 29/365

I have told myself over and over that I would keep my blog and business as separate as possible and although I am still sticking with my original thoughts I was going through the 2013 images for storage and thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorites from the year.. Hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I love being able to do it!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 28/365

I cant stop smiling today.. You want to know why? We did an estimate & will be starting a new job tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!!! A huge wave of relief has just washed over me.. I am not someone who puts a lot of focus or importance on money, but lets face it we all need to survive. I wish we didn't. I wish we lived in a cabin in Alaska. I wish we lived totally off the land. But more than anything I wish I could find that money tree seed I know I stashed somewhere.. 
We left this morning with the intention of working today but the customer is always right so the am it is.. With some extra time on our hands we went to the playground with Cooper.. To our surprise they had cleared off a huge ice skating rink on the pond!! Wes has been begging me to take pictures on the ice for the past 2 weeks. As you can see my will to defy him finally caved ;) 
I took so many fun pix on the ice, & at the playground that once again I couldn't choose just 1..


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 27/365 "The Birches"

I am obsessed with Birches!! My husband and I own a tree removal business so tress are a REALLY big part of our lives!! It was actually the theme of our wedding... Birch Trees I mean... In 4 to 7 years when our home is finally complete when you walk through the door the white and black bark will be apart of every room, one way or another! 
I have been admiring the beauty of these 2 for a while now. They look like a painting to me, like I have entered a dream of something when I look at them... I am not sure I was able to capture that feeling in these photographs, but I hope so.. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 26/365

Well I have made it 25 days!!! Although it feels like 100 already.. I love this blog, I do, but with work being slow for my husband and being at home most of the time I am defiantly finding it more and more difficult to be creative..  So bubbles were in order today...

I just finished up a 4yr session & had some trouble with the reflections in the glasses.. Im hoping that someone can give me some advice as to what I can do in the future to reduce the glare... I loved  working with this family and will be agian in the spring so any suggestions before then would be much appreciated :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 25/365

I have been pretty tired today... No energy = no house cleaning, or laundry was accomplished!! Its been such a long few days although they have been great they have also been exhausting.. So I was kinda a slacker with my pix for the day... Miranda took a photo similar to this a week or two ago and I totally loved it.. Although I didn't plan on doing an image like this 1 I couldn't pass it up when I saw 2 of my men snuggling in the dark :) I am really desperate for a new camera.. I currently shoot with a Canon Rebel ti1 and it is just not up to par.. I have hit a brick wall so to speak.. I am planning on winning the lottery this week so I can afford the gear of my dreams. If any of you have the winning numbers by chance please feel free to pass them along.. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 24/365 "Happy Birthday To You"

Happy Birthday to the best man I have ever known!!!!! I love you daddy so much.. Is there anything more important than family? I mean who gets us through the tough times, who makes the good times worth it? FAMILY... When we are down on our luck who has our back? When we are flying high and making progress in life who gives us a pat on the back? FAMILY... I am who I am today because of the incredible people I have in my life, that is not lost on me.. I am grateful, I am blessed!!! Thank you Dad for being there for me when others would have turned there back, for giving support no matter what, for being you.. I have more respect for you than you may ever know. Here's to many many more years of health and happiness coming your way!!! xoxox 

This incredible woman in the picture with my Dad is my Grammy and at 95 years young she is all that I want to aspire to be in life :)  I can only hope that others will look at me with as much admiration and respect as they do her!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 23/365 " Cake Fun"

Today is my dads actual birthday and this morning is was counting the minutes until I called him and hopefully be 1 of the first people to say those 2 famous words "Happy Birthday"!!!!! When he answered the phone I could not have been happier to hear his voice..... No matter how old I get talking with him will always make everything better.. I'm sure I'm not the only 1 who feels like this, or am I? I am a true through and through daddies girl. I light up when I see him, he is the greatest man I have ever known. Our relationship hasn't always been roses and rainbows but whos is right? As I have gotten older/wiser I have realized that I am the woman I am today due to the parents I was blessed to have.. I have a lot of my dad in me, his strength, intelligence, determination, guts, and most of all his kind heart!!!! I don't know where I would be without his unwavering support and love. Trust me when I say I wasn't always the best daughter we all go through some tough lessons we need to learn but mine were on the tougher side. If I didn't have the dad, mom, & step mom to stand behind me that I do I'm not sure what would have happened...

So enough with all the mushy stuff. This weekend was all about my daddy. First with the hair cut for the hubby & today with making a John Deere Tractor cake!!! I found a design that I really liked on Pinterest & of course consulted with Miranda and we made a plan. My mom graciously made 25 chocolate cupcakes and I made 20 vanilla cupcakes. Thank goodness for Wes being so helpful beacause I never could have loaded 45 cupcakes, my Kitchen Aid, frosting ingredients, and 4 boys into the van myself !! The morning was overwhelming to say the least. Once I got to Mirandas I felt like I could breath again lol.. We had such a great time decorating, and taking pictures. She is the 1 who inspired me to become a photographer & to start my 365!! Her work is incredible.. I really hope you will all go and check out her blog .. Tell her I sent you and please give her some love.. Once you look over her work you will understand why I gush about her so often..

The tractor came out great.. It was so worth all the effort, I cant wait for the big party tomorrow!! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 22/365 "Poor Mans Hair Cut"

Today was the beginning of a very big weekend for our family!!! My father's birthday is Sunday and we will going out to dinner with the whole family at a very nice Restaurant called the Mile Away... My husband hasn't had a hair cut in a very very long time which I really dont mind.... I kinda like him shaggy, but my dad on the other hand has mentioned on more than one occasion that he thinks he looks much better with a fresh cut! So in order to make sure that everything is perfect for his big day we called Miranda and  asked if she would mind cutting Wes hair.. She is good at everything and I would prob get served divorce papers if I messed up lol... Of course being the greatest best friend ever she was more than happy to obliged.. Actually
 shes been telling us for months that she can cut his hair as we have been really struggling to find the extra money to get it done, so I think she was excited to finally show off her awesome skills!! Wes hair came out great and I am tickled pink we will all be looking our best on Sunday.. My dad is incredibly important to me and this entire weekend in life and in blog land will be dedicated to him.. Tomorrow I will be going to my moms in the am to pick up 25 cupcakes, running home making 25 more cupcakes, and then going back to Mirandas house to make a giant Jon Deer Tractor!!!!!!! I cant wait for my dad to see his cake and I am so grateful to have a great friend, husband, & mom to help pull all the strings together... Thank you so much 
for the super fabulous hair cut Miranda!!! 

I missed Bear Bear so much today I had to snap a pix when we got home!!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 21/365

Its always a good day when I start off chasing a beautiful sunrise!!!!!

It was way to cold to walk any closer to the tree line today so its not what I've been hoping for at this location but it will do for now :)